The computer program known as a chatbot is capable of stimulating conversation with humans. In fact, you would be forgiven for thinking the conversation you see progressing is with a human rather than a chatbot. In 2018, and beyond, the role of this program in social media marketing can no longer be overlooked. The program is capable of talking and replying without any fuss.

One of the main attractions of the chatbot is its ability to enhance customer service.

It enables businesses to undertake faster customer service.

They are capable of solving customer-related issues easily.

Now, brands no longer have to ask their employees to work some long and odd hours to solve customer problems. They can just program the chatbot to do all that. With the program in place, brands are now able to interact with their audiences quickly. More importantly, the interaction feels personal and the customers have no reason to complain about the response they received.

Chatbots know how to solve problems.

They are smarter than ever before.

They are more like humans.

They are customizable too.

They have no trouble sending personalized messages to your customers directly either.

The on-going evolution in the business world requires businesses to find ways of promoting their products and services at a personal level. That may not always be possible, especially with human laborers involved. Any business that conducts a majority of its operations on the Internet has to find ways of engaging with customers on an on-going basis. Social media offers them that opportunity. A combination of social media and chatbots is golden.

Chatbots are a relatively new phenomenon in the market.

Nevertheless, they are just as effective as any other social marketing strategy or tool.

Chatbots are not similar in all imaginable ways. A few differences exist between them.

Currently, the market has three main types of chatbots. They are:

  1. Scripted
  2. Intelligent

Conversations with scripted chatbots follow a predetermined path.

Intelligent chatbots rely on artificial intelligence a lot and accept varied forms of human input.

The chatbots give your customers access to an intelligent assistant capable of communicating with them just like any human consultant would do. With time, the chatbot develops an ability to categorize your customers. For example, it can tell with unmatched precision the customers interested in buying your products or services. The bots are programmed to

identify the appropriate keywords, which they rely on to direct customers to the right solutions.

Chatbots can offer customers a useful resource. Business owners simply have to feed it extensively with the appropriate details regarding the brand and its products. Thereafter, the chatbot will provide the same information to all clients. With these details, it will not struggle to provide customers with the intelligent and knowledgeable information they need. Customers can ask any complicated question and get a relevant answer.

Businesses can now rely on the chatbots to win and retain their customers’ trust.

The chatbot motivates customers to visit the business’ website.

It increases the likelihood of converting visitors to customers.

Chatbots are highly effective at the following:

  • Enhancing personalized shopping
  • Simplifying buying processes
  • Providing help to customers

Use chatbots to maximize emerging trends to benefit your social media marketing campaign.

Use the chatbots for accessing information faster.

Use chatbots to promote conversation on social media more consistently and controllably.

Use the program for enhancing proper integration between sales and social media.

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