Email is one of the most effective ways of communication humankind has ever created. It is an affordable way of passing crucial information between two or more parties. The advent of the social media has not rendered emails any less effective at marketing. For this reason, email marketing is essential to improving sales. Businesses cannot afford to ignore it lest they miss crucial leads and conversions that are essential for their survival in these highly competitive times. An email marketing list is essential for this to happen though.

Email marketing is just as effective, healthy and alive as it has ever been.

Contrary to a common belief, more people are interested in getting your marketing emails.

Why is the list crucial to improved sales?

Maximize the point of sale meetings with clients

Do not wait for clients to take off before you begin asking yourself why you failed to ask for their email addresses. Yes, some clients will not approve your request. However, many will have no problem giving you their email addresses. Wait until the clients have finalized their purchases or enquiries with you before asking for the email addresses. Email a receipt to them using tools such as PayPal, Intuit, or Square. Let the clients know you will send exclusive offers together with the email.

Run Promotions

The email list offers you an excellent platform you can use to run promotions. Clients have no problem giving you their email addresses as long as you promise them wonderful promotions and offers. Let them know a few giveaways are in the pipeline if they buy products worth a certain amount of money. Remember to deliver what you promised. Otherwise, clients will begin opting out of your email marketing list faster than a falling object. Find a creative way of wording the promotion so clients find it attractive and have no problem passing it on to others.

Email marketing is an effective way of strengthening your promotions.

Employ the kind of language that lets clients understand why they need to act urgently.

Send reminders to your clients too after sending the initial promotional emails.

Customize the emails depending on the kind of customers you wish to reach out to.

Be ready with a sign-up sheet during your events

At your event, you will find many customers who show some interest in what you have to offer yet lack the time to stand and listen to more. If you are ill prepared, you will lose the opportunity to reach out to these customers later. To avoid such a scenario, you are better off showing up at the event with a sign-up sheet. Add the details they leave behind on the sheet to your email marketing list. Let them know the sheet is only for those who wish to join your emailing list.

Use the information on the sheet to send updates regarding any upcoming event.

Do not forget to send discounts and exclusive offers too.

This way, you will be building a relationship with the prospects that could prove beneficial later.


Lastly, preparing or adding to the list does not help you a lot if you fail to make good use of it. Use the list to send emails that capture your prospects’ imagination. Create a point of interest. Make them want to learn more. Build a craving in them for what you sell. As long as you send great emails, you can expect outstanding conversion rates. Obviously, with higher conversion rates your sales too will improve. Consequently, your business will be in a much healthier state than ever before.


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