Facebook has 1.1 billion users who log into their accounts every day to interact with others, update their statuses, and learn what’s happening elsewhere in the world. Typically, a user spends around 50 minutes on their Facebook accounts every day. These few stats offer one more evidence as to the importance of Facebook marketing. No 21st Century business should consider proceeding with any marketing campaign that excludes this social media platform.

The exposure your business enjoys from Facebook marketing is unparalleled.

As the stats above show, marketing on Facebook exposes you to more people than you ever realize. Now, your posts may not reach the 1.1 billion users who actively use this social media platform every day. Nonetheless, it will reach a few hundreds or thousands of users. That will give you the kind of exposure you would never have received elsewhere. However, that can only be possible if more people see your posts or content.

Fortunately, you can do a few things to make your posts more visible.

Publishing attractive images

Of what use is the content you post on Facebook if you fail to accompany it with attractive images? The goal is to capture the reader’s imagination. Prick the readers’ interest so they feel compelled to share the content – including the images – with their friends on Facebook. The fact that posts made on Facebook and accompanied by photos receive 120% more engagement should motivate you to publish as many photo posts as possible.

Share what your followers love

What do your followers love? What kind of posts do they love sharing on Facebook? Take a keen interest on their behavior in this matter. Post on Facebook with the objective of convincing as many people as possible to Comment, Share, and Like. For that to happen, though, make it your goal to share only what they want to see or read. Give them a reason to share the post with others.

Know the most popular days and times for sharing

Facebook users love sharing at specific times and days. Any post you publish on Facebook at noon of any day is likely to attract more engagement with your followers than other times. What is more, Saturday is the most popular day for sharing stuff on this social media platform. Most users log in to their Facebook accounts on Saturdays and at noon. For this reason, more people are likely to see anything you post on Facebook at noon and on Saturdays.

Call to action

Do not forget to include a call to action on all posts you publish on Facebook. Call to actions produce the desired results. Ask your followers to share whatever you post with their friends. More people are likely to see stuff their friends share. They are less likely to see what their friends comment on. What is more, sharing is more effective than liking. Encourage the followers to like, comment, but more importantly, to share your content too.

Embrace the practice of promoting posts

Lastly, promote your Facebook posts. Promote only the best posts. Promote the content you created and posted. Do not promote other people’s/brands’ posts. Choose content that will help your audience. You also have the option of choosing to boost your posts, which is a slightly different strategy from promoting posts. You can only promote your posts with the help of the Ads Manager.

Therefore, implement these measures to enjoy the benefits of Facebook marketing.

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