How do I start blogging? Millions of people around the world must have asked this question at one point in their lives. Those you consider highly successful at blogging must also have asked themselves this question before commencing. Well, the trick is to just start, as some would tell you. That approach would work but not produce the kind of results that earn you good money. For that to happen, you need a different approach and strategy.

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Successful blogging is all about coming up with a good plan.

Come up with a strategy and follow it through. A good strategy is like a good business plan.

First, why do you need to blog? People blog for two main reasons. They blog either to make money or just for the hang of it. Many people blog for fun. They blog about things or issues they are passionate about. They blog to share experiences with the rest of the world. Others use this platform to make money online. Yes, blogging can be a lucrative business if you run it well. If you do it right, your bank account will prove that you know what you are doing.

Before starting a blog, you will have to decide the following issues.

  • Who will host it? Where will you host it?
  • How will it look like?
  • What will you call it?

Everything else revolves around those three questions. For this reason, tackle the logistics of blogging well. Consider domains and hosting. Do not ignore the platform and theme either. The domain is the blog’s address online. It is the location where people interested in your perspective will find the blog. Choose a hosting company that offers you the best deals and ensures the blog remains on the Internet.

You have three platforms to choose; namely,, Squarespace and

Examine each platform closely. Find out their strengths and weaknesses before settling on one.

Essentially, starting a blog revolves around purchasing a domain, obtaining a hosting account and choosing the right platform. It also involves installing a theme. With all these in place, the next step is to consider what to write on. Do you want to focus on a particular niche or would you rather a blog that focuses on general issues rather than specializing on any one thing? While contemplating these issues, consider how the blog will look too.

As stated earlier, you will be blogging either for fun or as a moneymaking venture.

Blogs focusing on specific niches tend to do better than those talking about any issue under the sun. Niche-based blogs attract more traffic. More importantly, niche-based blogs have a higher potential of making more money than you ever dreamed you could ever make online. It is not easy to settle on a niche or decide the direction you want the blog to take. However, you may have to consider the following to make your task easier.

  1. Your passions
  2. Your business or profession
  3. Your experience
  4. Your goals in life

Blog about stuff that you can bring new perspective into.

Do not follow the paths everybody else followed.

Chart your own path. Try something new.

Be different and let your blog stand out from the rest.

Listen to what everybody else says, but choose what you want to do going forward.


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