Affiliating marketing can help you get to the next level of success you have always craved. You need a lot of things going your way to succeed in this form of marketing. Effective communication – or lack thereof – will help or destroy your marketing ventures. Obviously, this will then lead to losses on your part. Develop a healthy relationship with your affiliates and success will follow. Ignore your affiliates by failing to communicate properly with them and losses will hit you like a ton of bricks. So, what can you do to improve the communication levels with your affiliates?

The affiliates need consistent and constant communication with you.

This can only happen if the communication is:

  1. Targeted
  2. Direct
  3. Personalized

Blanket emails do not produce the desired effect.  Segment and profile all your affiliates so you know how to personalize the communication. If you do this, the affiliates will send you some amazing responses. Do not limit yourself to communicating with them via emails alone. Instead, try to incorporate other tools too. For example, use forums and chats too. Try as many communication channels as possible. Engage regularly with your affiliates on all the channels you use. Respond to their questions, concerns, suggestions, and complaints.

Effective communication will support your affiliate program.

It will bring the kind of success you need.

Be watchful. Observe the communication levels closely. Do whatever it takes to remedy or restore any broken relationship. Make the communication as smooth as you can. For this to happen, you may be better off offering unbeatable promotions. This approach always works excellently with new affiliates. Without such a strategy, your work may not produce the kind of results your affiliate business needs. Effectively communicate your expectations and offers. Let the new affiliates know and understand what is on offer for them.

Let affiliates know how they will benefit from this relationship or partnership.

Good communication strengthen the top three drivers your affiliate needs for success, which are:

Do follow-ups too. Respond to all communication from the affiliates. Respond to all their emails and chats. Call them back when you get their missed calls. Emails from the affiliates are not the only ones that you should follow up but yours too. The emails you send to them need a follow-up so you know what’s happening. Give them 2-3 days, and if you hear nothing from them, then do a follow-up. It’s advisable to follow up with your affiliates as many times as possible. Use each follow up to offer the affiliates something different from last time.

Find ways of keeping the embers of the conversation or communication between you and the affiliate alive. Send them newsletters regularly, at least once each month. Ping them as many times as possible so their interest in the products and services you offer does not wane.

You will have several top affiliates who are performing exceptionally well. Spare at least 30 minutes to call and speak with them once each month. During the call, ask them questions regarding anything that is keeping them from performing even better than they currently are.

Keep asking the affiliates for any feedback they have on your products, services and offers.

Inform them about any upcoming industry events and purpose to meet them there.

Lastly, keep teaching your affiliates and never stop learning from them either.

Keep communicating with your affiliates and you will not only win but retain their trust.



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