People all over the world watch YouTube videos for an insane amount of hours each day. Today, six out of ten people would prefer watching videos on YouTube instead of spending time watching live TV.

Therefore, it has become imperative for brands and individuals alike to embrace YouTube marketing. More importantly, this form of marketing relies on videos, since YouTube is essentially a video streaming service.

Some people achieve great success with their video marketing on YouTube campaigns.

Other people enjoy nowhere near a similar level of success.

Below are a few killer tips that will breathe life into your marketing campaigns on YouTube.

Whatever you do, the goal should be to increase number of viewers. The more people watch your content on YouTube, the nearer you get to achieve your targets. YouTube is just but one of the channels brands use for video marketing. Other channels include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter

In fact, all social media platforms can act as effective channels for video marketing.

Back to the tips now.

Leveraging YouTube SEO

The first tip is to understand the importance of leveraging YouTube SEO. Google is the world’s largest search engine followed by YouTube. More than 30 million visitors use YouTube each day. Incorporate the right keywords and your video marketing on YouTube will skyrocket.

Some of the keywords you choose should revolve around the following terms/words:

  • How to
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Fitness
  • Funny videos

Google owns YouTube. So, the right keywords will help you rank higher on both search engines.

Focus on engagement

Improve the level of engagement with your visitors, commenters or subscribers too. To this end, focus on video retention, which revolves around convincing visitors to watch the content from start to finish. Number of comments also highlights the level of engagement.

Other metrics that prove engagement levels include the number of:

  • Shares
  • Favorites
  • Subscribers

Do not ignore production quality

Videos are great and highly effective marketing tools, but only if their quality is beyond reproach. The videos that do well on YouTube tend to enjoy the similar level of success on Facebook and other social media platforms that permit posting videos.

People visit YouTube specifically to watch one or more videos.

They may spend a few seconds or minutes watching the videos that interest them. In many instances, they end up spending the entire day watching videos. However, if the quality of the video(s) is poor, they will stop watching.

Including an excellent thumbnail

How many times have you clicked on a thumbnail to watch a video on YouTube? Thumbnail pricks your interest. It captures your imagination. It makes you want to see if the video is about the thumbnail you just saw and clicked on.

Good thumbnails guarantee higher click-through rates.

Track your engagement

YouTube has several built-in analytics you can use for tracking your engagement. You should never continue creating high quality videos, optimizing the videos for SEO, or creating excellent content on video without analyzing the ROI that the many hours spent on these tasks offer.

Are your target audience watching the videos?

Is the target audience doing what you ask of them in your calls to action?

Use YouTube analytics to evaluate your progress. The analytics will show you who is watching, when they are watching, where they watch from and how they watch. Analytics will also help you know how long the audience watches the videos.

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