Hello! I’m Richard. I’m 47 years young, married to a beautiful wife and have two wonderful kids.

My goal in establishing this blog is map out my journey online to show others exactly how i go from earning zero dollars to making an income online.

Here’s my story…….

I started training as an aircraft technician when I left school. This progressed to working in a factory for 23 years . I then had a completely different job working at home for a large marketing firm. This gave me the taste for the flexibility and freedom working virtually gives you.

For several years I have tried to make a residual income online with virtually no success.

I’ve jumped from the latest thing to the next latest thing of shiny so-called marketing tools and systems, which for one reason or another promise loads yet produce very little or nothing at all. I have lost count of the wasted money and products I have purchased seeking this goal and all they seem to have done is distract me rather than move me forward. Focus has always been an issue, too much choice maybe.

I called it quits!!!

That was three years ago…….

However recently  I came across a familiar name in John Thornhill. A marketer I used to watch from afar a few years back.I started thinking about Internet Marketing again, i knew there must be opportunities online but i must be missing something.

I thought that’s it im going to give this one more go , but this time I will take it seriously and concentrate on one thing. I decided to sign up for Johns coaching program, and here we are.

Join me as I venture back into the world of  Internet Marketing. So as I go, learning different things, I’m going to document them on my blog––both good things and any mistakes. I will also be adding news and reviews to help keep you up-to date with the latest events and show you some ways to actually earn money yourself.  So why not subscribe to my blog and visit often.

If you ever need my help in any way  just let me know.