Why are some affiliates racking in the cash and others struggle? It’s not as easy as grabbing a link off ClickBank and spamming it around the internet. So what are they doing that you aren’t? In this article I will show you 6 things that you need to do today to boost those checks.

1. Don’t have a blog? Really get one now they are so easy to set up and they give you the platform to write posts. Write about subjects in your chosen Niche. Use this blog to tell your subscribers about yourself and connect with potential buyers

2. Give something away for free! What I hear you say I want to earn money here. But this is where you give some value to your potential buyers BEFORE they spend their hard earned cash. Write a free report or newsletter and make sure these have affiliate links and links to your blog embedded in them. You can also invite your website visitors to give away your reports and e-books to their own friends or distribute to their lists.

3. Develop a mini course in your chosen Niche and use that to promote affiliate links. One big tip when email marketing his the hard/soft sell approach,only through a hard sell email in every 3 or 4 emails on the others ensure you are giving good valuable information away.

4. Become an expert in your Niche. I assure you that there is so much information on the internet these days that within a few hours you can become an “expert” in any subject you choose.

5. Build your own mini site where you promote several affiliate programs for your niche. By focusing your site on one niche, you can offer several affiliate products that you can hand pick from that niche. This gives your website visitors options to buy any of your products, and this also boosts the sales you can make and the commissions you earn.

6. Look for Forums in your chosen Niche and join conversations, don’t try and sell on these but offer advice and opinion there are a great way to get noticed online.

These six steps are a must for anyone starting out in Affiliate Marketing,establishing an on-line presence and offering value is essential for building relationships with those potential buyers.

So it is time to take action.

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